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"Though the Earthquakes Rage": Composing in a Time of Pandemic 

I often get questions about what inspired a specific work, or how I get inspiration for pieces in general. Do I start with a text and set it to music, or do I start with a musical idea and write text that fits the music? The answer, in my case, is that all of those things are fluid. Sometimes I set out to set a specific pre-existing text, like a proper composer. Many times, however, I am not proper- a surprise to no one. I often end up writing my own texts, which can come before the music, after the music…

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The Road Forward 

So much has happened in the last-- five years?-- since I've posted to this blog. There have been so many times that I've thought I should get back to it. There was the move back from Alabama to New Mexico, this time to the city of Albuquerque (side note: you haven't lived until you've just been chillin' outside at Downtown Java Joe's drinking your coffee, when you suddenly see the Bounder RV pull up and you're a stop on the Breaking Bad Tour). There was the descent into a global pandemic and the chilling…

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