Press & Praise for Karen Marrolli

"...Profound, cerebral, and creative..." Rick Jamm,

"Her voice is deep and rich, with strains of Mary Chapin Carpenter and Joan Armatrading, and her songs are devotional, though more spiritual than specifically religious in nature." Jennifer Levin, Pasatiempo (in the Santa Fe New Mexican)

"Marrolli’s voi
ce is a rare and beautiful bird: vibrato-charged, richly contralto and choral in nature." Ted E. Lovato, The Santa Fe Reporter (May 2015)

Praise for Twilight Songs: "...As the title suggests, this is lush, starry-eyed stuff that packs enough melody and romantic energy to soothe even the most savage of beasts." 
Ted E. Lovato, The Santa Fe Reporter (May 2015)

"Karen's strong folk roots give this album a distinguished flair you won't find anywhere else in the last or the next decade -- if not somewhere between legendary artists like Joan Baez and Tori Amos. She is melancholy, she is hopeful, yet absolutely her own, a complete and fulfilled human being who can't help but keep marching on, no matter what." Rick Jamm,

From a fan: "'Cathedrals is very powerful, 'Woman' is my kind of lady, and 'Run to You' is one of my favorites too. I support what you have to say and how you sing the words. They truly come from within you. Keep on evolving, Karen, you have so very much to say."